Profile of Northern Nevada

When businesses are looking to expand or relocate, there's a reason they choose northern Nevada. It's the place to be when the bottom line is increasing the bottom line, thanks to advantages like the business-friendly environment, a skilled workforce, a strategic location and no shortage of properties to accommodate your specific needs. Add to that great schools and an outdoor lifestyle with easy access to championship golf, world-class ski resorts and spectacular Lake Tahoe - plus an average of 300 days of sunshine every year to enjoy these amenities - and northern Nevada's appeal is easy to see.

With one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation, Nevada is consistently ranked by publications such as Forbes and Money as having one of the best overall business climates in the nation. The state's outstanding tax climate, something very few states can match, is one of the best reasons to base your company here.

Businesses in the Silver State enjoy:

  • No Corporate Income Tax
  • No Personal Income Tax
  • No Franchise Tax
  • No Unitary Tax
  • Minimal Employer Payroll Tax - 0.63% of gross wages with deductions for employer paid health insurance

Other benefits of doing business in northern Nevada:

  • Competitive utility rates for commercial businesses
  • Low start-up costs, regulatory, licensing and annual fees
  • Close proximity to West Coast and California markets and reduced shipping/storage costs
  • Competitive air cargo costs for air shipping out of the state

Nevada Incentives

Through the Governor's Office of Economic Development, the state of Nevada offers tax incentives to any business considering relocating or expanding here. Minimum requirements pertaining to job creation, capital investment and average wage must be met.

  • Sales & Use Tax Abatement
  • Sales & Use Tax Deferral
  • Modified Business Tax Abatement
  • Personal Property Tax Abatement
  • Real Property Tax Abatement for Recycling
  • Intellectual Property Development and Train Employees Now (TEN)
  • The Catalyst Fund, a $10 million fund created by Nevada's 2011 Legislature to aid with business location and expansion

Nevada's National Rankings

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183,435 SF Distribution Facility
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