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  • Writer's pictureTom Miller, CCIM partnered with Miller Industrial Properties to assist with their western expansion

BizChair is an eRetail firm from Atlanta that has experienced rapid growth in their sales of office and restaurant furniture, now including home, school and medical furniture as well. Occupying 800,000 sf already in Atlanta, Ga. and needing more, it made sense to expand westward to grow the western markets and cut freight costs and delivery times to their western US customer base. BizChairs ownership, partnered with Miller Industrial Properties to assist with their western expansion.

Created in 2001 by then fourteen-year-old Sean Belnick, BizChair is currently headquartered in Canton, Georgia. In 2005, BizChair reported $13.6 million in sales. In 2010, sales rose to $58 million.

BizChair showed up in Reno on August 14th and within 6 weeks had a signed lease on a beautiful 300,000 sf Class A Panattoni warehouse in Stead, Nv. The owners were very clear about their time frame and warehouse requirements and with Miller Industrial Properties streamlining the site touring, shortlisting and lease negotiation processes, BizChair will be moving into their new western location in October.

Nevada’s Governor Sandoval personally called the owners on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd welcoming them to Nevada and offering them any assistance they needed getting up and running. Tom Miller said that the BizChair owners were totally blown away by getting the surprise call. It showed them just how business friendly Nevada really is, how accessible our State’s leadership is to the business community and how focused they are about growing jobs in Nevada.

Gary Glazer, Co-Owner of BizChair told the Northern Nevada Business Journal newspaper last week that Miller Industrial Properties was ‘a joy to work with’. Actually, MIP found BizChair a joy to work with as well, they were clear about their needs and followed through with their decisions and property selections. In a time when business expansion transactions are typically painfully slow to get completed, it was refreshing to engage with a company that was ready, willing and able to move forward in their western expansion.

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Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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