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Representation - The Myths

Having a good commercial real estate representation is a must for every business when doing commercial real estate deals. Especially in a rapidly growing city like Reno, Nevada.

Whether you are a large business just relocating from out of town, a small business, or a big company looking to change your warehouses, offices, or home for your staff, you need a commercial real estate broker who is familiar with the local area.

However, many businesses are reluctant to contact a real estate broker in Reno because of some myths that they have heard about Commercial real estate representation.

In this piece, I shall discuss some of the common myths people share about being represented by a commercial real estate broker in real estate deals.

Myth: Being Represented by a real estate broker in Reno is expensive

The Truth

It all depends on the kind of real estate that you are looking to buy. Our commercial real estate brokers can get the best deals for you at Miller Industrial properties based on your budget. We will even save you what you would have spent on levies and other permits if you decide to do it independently.

Myth: Any commercial real estate broker can get me the best deal in real estate in Reno.

The Truth

It would be better for your business to contact a real estate broker who knows the Reno area. The governing authorities of Reno have some permits that real estate brokers would require to be able to deal in industrial property in Reno.

If your broker does not have those permits, the authorities may block his service, and it may cost more in the long run. Or an unwary broker may fall into the hands of unscrupulous dealers.

Myth:My real estate property is very small/I am only leasing property, not buying. A commercial real estate broker will not want to represent me.

The Truth

Whether the property (land, house, warehouse, etc.) that you have or require is big or small, you will find a real estate broker in Reno to represent you. Whether you are leasing out or looking to rent or buying outright, Miller Industrial properties have the right package for you.

Miller Industrial Properties is a real estate broker in Reno. As commercial real estate brokers, our goal is to ensure that our potential clients get all the information they need to make about buying or leasing industrial property.

We have local connections with city authorities and private companies to facilitate the leasing decision process, ensuring that you get the best deal that will pay you regardless of whether you are leasing permanently or temporarily.

We have experience in representing both buyers and sellers. Being in the heart of Reno itself, we're far better able to stay abreast with changes in the local real estate industry, giving us the ability to be more responsive to our customers’ needs.

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