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Will my lease rate increase if I use an industrial real estate agent?

Best Industrial Property Lease Question | Miller Industrial Properties

In most instances, when we hear statements about increased rent resulting from the use of an agent, they originated from a landlord’s mouth. And what he’s really saying is that he prefers working directly with someone who doesn’t really understand the market. When you use an agent to work on your behalf, you’re getting the benefit of his years of experience – and then some. Other advantages include:

  1. Skilled negotiation designed to build a competitive atmosphere in your favor

  2. Pre-negotiated renewal rates and time periods included in the lease term that carry far less (and even no) base rent

  3. Reduced base rent

  4. Capped or limited operating costs

  5. The addition or subtraction of lease terms that can significant reduce costs

  6. A streamlined, expedited transaction process

Are you wondering what it might cost to enjoy benefits like these? That’s the best part. An industrial real estate agent, with his many, many years of experience and knowledge, is available to you at no cost. In most cases, he’ll receive a portion of the fee paid by the landlord to his own agent.

Most potential tenants who prefer to locate their own property do so because they’re worried an agent will cost too much or slow the entire process. The opposite is in fact true, and we welcome the opportunity to tell you more.


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