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190 Resource Drive, Fernley, Nevada

190 Resource Drive, Fernley, Nevada



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Tom Miller, CCIM
(775) 828-4665- Phone
(775) 742-9891- Cell

Tom Miller, CCIM
(775) 828-4665- Phone
(775) 742-9891- Cell

Download Flyer / Brochure

Property Description

Project Description
The project was a purpose-built manufacturing facility completed in 2002 for a western expansion of a truck camper shell company. This user occupied the facility long-term with employment numbers up to 300 at the top of production. An economic downturn forced the downsizing of the western operation to handling only returns and repairs and ultimately led to the user vacating the property. As of recent, the property has been primarily short-term leased by contractors working on the new Tesla facility as a pre-assembly and staging area.

The concrete tilt-up property was designed with masonry interior walls for long term durability, extra thick slabs in areas, and an abundance of power. The site for the project was selected due to the immediate proximity to Interstate 80 and the abundant local labor force. A complete new roof membrane was recently installed. Overall, the property is in excellent condition, reflecting the years of original pride of ownership.
In 2019, Miller Industrial Properties secured a new long-term manufacturer moving into northern Nevada from the Los Angeles area. The project fits the needs of this new tenant well and provides every manufacturing feature they require, including meeting expansion needs, both in terms of building systems capacity and footprint expansion. The project has been updated for the new tenant and is currently at, or above, market standards in all respects.

Tenant Profile
When SJC Holdings decided to relocate out of Ontario, CA, the big question was where? Where can they operate in a business-friendly environment? Where can their employees enjoy reasonable housing and quality of life? Where is it best to manufacture and distribute to the West Coast and beyond? The answer was Fernley, Nevada.

Fernley is located approximately 29-miles east of Reno and is situated along the Interstate 80 Highway. With easy access to all points of the compass Simplex can be in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Oregon or Salt Lake City, Utah within a half days ride. Other companies that have seen the light in and around the Reno area are Tesla, Apple (cloud storage), Google and Ford to name a few.

In addition to the great transportation infrastructure, the Reno area provides an abundance of reasonable housing opportunities. The median house price in the Reno metro area is $403,000 which is half of the southern California market and 40% of the San Francisco market area. In addition to the more affordable housing, the area provides great lifestyle opportunities by way of hiking and skiing, lake sports, hunting and fishing. Reno is also the home to the University of Nevada which is feeder for local employment.

SJC Holdings has 3 locations around the United States with Fernley as its corporate headquarters. The other locations are in Carlyle, IL and Minneapolis, MN. SJC Holdings has annual revenues topping $100 million and reported EBITDA of roughly 10% of Revenue.

It is easy to see that Simplex-USA is heavily committed to the manufacturing process at 190 Resource in Fernley. The ample yards allow for year-round additional storage areas for raw goods and finished orders. Expansion on adjacent land is also available if needed. This property is an ideal location for Simplex-USA and the property specifications make it a perfect fit.

The future looks bright for Simplex-USA. They are heavily involved in improving America’s infrastructure through their innovative concrete reinforcing products for highway, bridge, and runway construction. The new location in Fernley will allow Simplex-USA to grow substantially with their 4 walls as the Federal Government spends more and more on rejuvenating our country’s highways and byways.

The future is now in Fernley, Nevada.


183,435 square feet
5,800 SF main offices + 4,350 shop offices
4 dock high doors
9 drive-in doors (3 extra wide, 25' doors)
.33/3000 and .45/2500 fire suppression systems
LED lighting
26.5' eave height at first column
50' x50' column spacing
Dimensions: 410' x 440'
City of Fernley reports 4.72 acre/feet dedicated water rights
4000A /480V 3-phase power with distribution
Zoned Industrial (M-1)
Built in 2002
Seven (7) Cambridge warehouse heaters
One, 10-ton and two, 2-ton bridge crans
Parking for 150 cars
Trailer parking
City sewer
Lyon County APN: 021-261-29
Southwest Gas reports 3.5 million BTU meter, 10 lbs gas service

190 Resource Drive, Fernley, Nevada

Office Plan

5,800 square foot main offices + 4,350 square foot shop offices.


Property Location

190 Resource Drive, Fernley, Nevada

Area Description

Northern Nevada is ranked the #1 MSA for job growth ( and Milken Report 2020). Bay Area companies continue to move to Reno and the surrounding areas to lower their business operating costs and to provide their employees with a lower cost of living.

Widely known companies such as Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Patagonia, Urban Outfitters, Switch, Google, Patagonia, and Panasonic call northern Nevada home for some of their largest and most important business functions.

Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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