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When Your Needs Change, We Can Help

It’s not uncommon for a tenant to need a larger or smaller facility during the term of a lease, and Miller Industrial Properties can help you secure an appropriate subtenant for your space. This gives you the opportunity to move into a more suitable property with none of the added costs associated with the previous space.

5 Key Factors to Successfully Sub-Leasing

We believe that successfully securing a sub-lessee stems from focus and attention to five key factors:

Increasing the prospect base through an organized, thoughtful marketing plan.

Maximizing exposure to the potential prospect base with a multi-tiered approach for national, regional, statewide, and local customer base penetration.

Supplying professional and qualified service to potential sub-lessees.

Preparing complete, high-quality lease/sales packages for prospects in a timely manner that include a high-visibility banner installed on the building, large real estate signs, and sales brochures featuring high-quality photography, floor and site plans, an area map, and a complete list of the building’s features and systems.

Performing diligent follow-up and ongoing prospecting.

Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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