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A Different Approach to Landlord Representation


A Big Advantage Over National Franchises

When a landlord hires an industrial real estate firm, he’s doing so for one reason – to effectively fill his vacancies in a manner that reflects the core values of his business. At Miller Industrial Properties, we share the same goal for our landlords, and it drives every marketing decision we make.

The northern Nevada industrial real estate market includes several national franchised firms and a number of small, single-man operations. Our firm is uniquely positioned squarely between these two extremes. As a mid-sized and locally owned firm, our decision-makers serve as active agents in the industry – a big advantage over the national franchises. While we can react quickly to changing markets and rapidly adapt our services to the exact needs of both the property and the client, they cannot. The national firms are governed by national operating constraints and proceed under the cookie cutter approach to service dictated by the franchise.

Office location is another indication of our unique approach. Rather than operating in a downtown high-rise or remote boutique shopping center, we prefer to stay in the heart of the Reno-Sparks industrial area. The advantage is immediacy – we're far better able to stay abreast with changes to the local warehousing industry, making us more responsive to our customers’ needs.

Instead of simply telling you what makes us different, we’ve shared a sampling of some of the tools and collateral we produce that greatly assist us in providing the unique and cutting-edge service for which we’re known – and continually refining.

Property Recap

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll have a comprehensive report of matching properties prepared in less than 24 hours.

Free West Coast Freight Savings 


Let us prepare a detailed estimate of what your business could save shipping from the west coast.

Clear Representation on our Website

Our website is carefully designed and created to achieve one thing – getting prospects in front of your listings quickly and easily. From every page on our site, a visitor is only one click away from your listings. Nearly all other sites require several layers of searching to actually see a property. Busy Internet visitors have short attention spans, and it’s a risk to make them wade through multiple pages. Many franchised firms, by necessity, feature layers of decisions – selections for state, region, etc., which requires multiple steps to find anything useful for someone searching for property.

Another differentiator is that we do not use third party listing platforms like Loopnet, which accumulates every competing property in the region along with yours. Instead, we host customer listings ourselves, shortening the selection process for your tenant.

Our online listings pages also offer a number of special features like videos, printable floor plans and office layouts, aerials, descriptions, specifications, etc.

Our goal is to provide an abundance of information for potential clients, facilitating the leasing decision process.

Custom Video Production 

Clear Representation on our Website

To satisfy viewers who prefer to watch content instead of reading it, we also feature professional videos. It’s another way of putting your vacant properties right in front of those decision-makers looking for space. Small firms don’t typically have the resources for video, and franchises are too rigid, too slow to adapt and too constrained to quickly embrace changing technology for the benefit of their landlords.

View a sampling of the videos we produce for our listings. 

Remembrance Advertising 

Tenants touring properties are typically bombarded with literature from the landlord’s agents, and most of it tends to end up in a folder or file. While we certainly provide all the collateral that any prospect could want, we also offer specialized and unique items that are far more likely to end up in pockets and ultimately on the desks of the decision-makers. Our exclusive remembrance advertising is another differentiator between us and other local firms – and it will set you apart from the competition just as it does us.


In addition to optimizing our website for smartphone and tablet viewing, which now constitutes the majority of all website views, we’ve added smartphone-specific features to our collateral. If you use a smartphone to scan a QR Code, like the one featured here, you are taken to an expressly built online page featuring that flyer optimized for the smartphone screen or a video of the property it represents. This is how many of the “under 40 group” are seeing your vacancy for the first time. Not only are they are completely at ease with this type of information gathering method, they expect it. If your agency’s version of a cellphone flyer is a miniature version of a website page, visitors are likely unable to view it properly due to loading/viewing issues and will quickly abandon the effort.


Attracting potential clients to your marketing partner’s website is critical – it doesn’t matter how well-suited your vacancy is if no one can find it. To determine how well your vacancy is being marketed to the public by your listing agency, perform a simple Google search. Keep in mind that many Internet searchers tend to ignore the results at the top and along the right of search result pages, which are marked with an orange “Ad” button. Keep in mind as well that it’s rare for searchers to scroll beyond the first several pages of search results, so first-page placement is ideal. Type in a logical search term, or keyword, and see what comes up. Ask yourself what you’d search for – Reno warehouse for lease? Reno industrial properties? Both are logical keywords for locating a warehouse. See where our firm ranks and then compare it to the ranking of your current listing agency. It’s an excellent test for determining how well your vacancies are being found by prospects looking for a space like yours.



Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll have a comprehensive report of matching properties prepared in less than 24 hours.

13-Step Lease

Process Guide

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll have a comprehensive report of matching properties prepared in less than 24 hours.

Free West Coast Operating

Costs Estimate

Let us prepare a detailed estimate of what your business will save operating in northern Nevada.

This information is designed to cast a wide net across the Internet, drawing people to our site and exposing them to useful information with the hope that they will browse listings. It’s also a method of increasing our database, so that we have a broader audience with which to share relevant listings like yours. We use our blog for the same results. Because each new post adds a page to our website, our blog is crawled weekly by search engines, boosting our organic page rankings and the chances that our website will show up for relevant search terms. Again, the more traffic we have to our site, the better your prospects for the right person to see your vacancy.

We also maintain relevant social media accounts, which serve to reach prospective tenants across other media platforms and increase our organic search rankings. Do not mistake social media with Facebook vacation pictures alone – these are useful methods of reaching a tech-savvy audience.

This is a brief sampling of how a cutting-edge, hardworking agency can benefit your asset in today’s challenging real estate market. This is why firms like General Electric Equities, Panattoni Development, Dermody Properties, Prologis, Selective Real Estate and others have selected Miller Industrial Properties to represent their assets in northern Nevada. We understand that it’s becoming harder and harder to keep pace with the competition. If you’re not employing the most effecting marketing programs for your unleased assets, you are simply not getting the exposure and representation your investments deserve. Make the comparisons, and then see if we offer something better. We believe we do – and our landlords do as well. Our leasing results are even more proof.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss these and other methods of leasing your assets. Contact us today and experience the difference for yourself.

Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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