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Commercial Real Estate in Reno is Growing

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Looking for Commercial Real Estate in Reno? Reno NV is among one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Reno being the third listed city for the increased number of jobs is in large part because of the growing market for commercial real estate in Reno. With this extreme growth comes the need for commercial and industrial spaces.

Miller Industrial Properties is here to find commercial space for rent in Reno

Miller Industrial Properties has been serving the Reno area for over a decade, with knowledge of what businesses are succeeding and in which different areas of the city. Commercial Real Estate in Reno has become a high demand over the past five years with companies like Tesla, Amazon, and Panasonic moving into the area - Reno has become the backyard of Silicon Valley in terms of larg tech. Reno has been named one of the top four best performing metro areas, growing within diversity, wages and high tech in 2020.

What type of commercial real estate in Reno are you looking for?

Commercial real estate is often misrepresented for only being the coffee shop you want to build or a vintage fashion store that is popping up around the corner. Commercial real estate is so much more than that and we have the inside scoop.

Does your business have specific real estate needs? Are you looking for more warehouse to help store your inventory? Looking for store front property for your brick and mortar? Or perhaps you’re looking to acquire a building to lease out. Miller Industrial Properties aids in helping you find commercial real estate property in Reno and surrounding areas that fit your needs for current and future growth.

From Reno Commercial Real Estate to Reno Land for Sale

Miller Industrial Properties works with businesses of all sizes and is an advocate for you and your business throughout the whole process. When it comes to commercial real estate and Reno land for sale there is no one better.

We take pride in helping those who are developing businesses within Reno commercial real estate especially with build-ins and helping to find property that works for your needs. When it comes to Reno land for sale we know and understand the unique nature of the area and the growing market. We’re here to help find the best location for your businesses, whether it’s within Reno or surrounding areas.

Commercial Real Estate Reno and the Services Miller Industrial Can Provide You

With growth in the Reno area, there are many needs that come with commercial real estate. We can help you and your business within the different avenues of services we provide and make owning and/or managing your own business that much easier.

A few of the services we offer are:

We’ve been in the business long enough to know how to find the best locations for you. For more information contact us so we can set-up a meeting.

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