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Five Reasons to Partner With an Industrial Real Estate Agent

If 2020 is the year you launch a new business or expand your current company, a search for industrial property in the Reno/Sparks market may be in your near future. Understanding more about the market itself is a good place to begin, and the best way to learn the ins and outs is by partnering with someone in the business. Before you do anything else, find someone who can guide you. Here are five reasons to partner with an industrial real estate agent.

Industrial real estate is a specialized form of real estate, and it’s a mistake to assume that any commercial agent is up to the task. There are unique considerations when you search for industrial space, and different properties will impact your company’s productivity in different ways. Clear height? Docks vs. drive-ins? These are just the start of the many considerations you’ll need to make, and the input of a seasoned industrial real estate agent is essential. After all, an industrial real estate agent specializes in just that – industrial real estate. They understand the market and the properties, and they’ve helped businesses through the very process on which you’re embarking. They can help you, too.

Having the right connections can streamline and smooth otherwise complicated processes. Let’s say you and your agent have found the perfect space, but you’ll need racking, a new perimeter fence, or upgraded power. An experienced agent will know exactly who to contact for the job. What might be an exercise in research for you – and a process of trial and error – is as simple as making a phone call for your agent.

Using an industrial real estate agent for your property search is the most efficient way to find the right space for your needs. A good agent knows the market. That includes what’s available now and what will be available soon. Just as an agent’s industry connections benefit you, so too does their market knowledge. Save yourself the trips spent driving up and down industrial neighborhoods hunting for leasing signs, and spare yourself hours on the internet. Tell your agent what you need, and let him or her bring you the properties that might work.

When you find a property online or call on a sign outside of a building, you are calling the owner’s representative and their job is to get the best deal (i.e. the most rent) for the owner of the property. Your interests are entirely secondary to their goals. So even the playing field. An experienced industrial real estate agent will represent your interests to help you secure the best deal, and it’s likely far better than what you could do on your own.

Almost always, being represented as a tenant by an agent won’t cost you anything.A tenant rep agent is paid by the landlord and is almost always factored in as a cost of doing business for them. And in that case, what do you have to lose by partnering with an experienced agent who will fight for your best interests?

There are a number of advantages to working with an industrial real estate. Forget the DIY route – if you’re searching for industrial property in northern Nevada and understand the inherent security that comes with being represented by an experienced agency, contact Beki Dobson at Miller Industrial Properties today.

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