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E-Commerce: The Future of Industrial Real Estate

This week our office had the privilege of attending the 2020 NAIOP Developers Forum, which focused on commercial development in the northern Nevada region and, among many other interesting and educational topics, e-commerce and how it influences the future of industrial real estate. Across the board, the panelists (Doug Roberts, Panattoni Development; Par Tolles, Tolles Development; John Ramous, Dermody Properties; Ross Pfautz, Mark IV Capital) all agreed that the future of modern warehousing is driven by e-commerce. E-commerce: Commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet. Hello, Amazon! As e-commerce continues to transform the logistics industry, the needs of industrial tenants are becoming increasingly complex. Warehouse features such as abundant dock doors, high roof clearance, and modern truck access allow warehouse users fulfill online orders quickly and with increased cost efficiency. Three Warehouse Trends that are Driven By E-Commerce

  1. 36-40’ Minimum Clear Height The increased demand for efficiency is driving industrial warehouse tenants to buildings with more clear height. Increased clear height increases the cubic space of a building, allowing tenants to rack more product.

  2. Efficient Floors In order to guarantee the smooth operation of automated order picking systems, an absolutely flat warehouse floors is ideal.

  3. Abundance of Dock High Doors Loading docks are the arrival and departure point for all shipments brought to or taken from a warehouse. An abundance of dock high doors ensures the uninterrupted flow of products promised to the customer.

Northern Nevada’s geological location has long been advantageous for shipping to the western United States, reaching both San Diego and Seattle in one day via truck freight, and our economic benefits are something few states are able to match. As such, northern Nevada continues to see tremendous growth in the e-commerce industry. If you are considering relocating your operations to the greater Reno area, contact an experienced agent at Miller Industrial Properties.

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