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Relocating Techie? Here are 4 Things to Think About on Your Next Tech Company Relocation

Running a successful tech business can be an expensive and stressful endeavor. Successful tech companies tend to draw other companies to create tech hubs, which is excellent at the start but creates overcrowding much later.

There is also the problem of your company drawing more staff as it gets bigger, which creates the need to house those team members; in addition to an increase in taxes, as states with huge tech hubs have tended to have unfriendly tax climate in recent times.

For these reasons and more, many tech businesses are moving their companies to the West Coast - a favorite destination for tech folks specifically being Reno, Nevada due to their (more) tax friendly climate and their option for optimal growth.

Here are five reasons you should also think about relocating your business to Reno.

Land and Housing Availability

As you plan your tech company relocation, you should not only be thinking about suitable office buildings, even though that is a significant consideration, but you should consider convenient housing ideal for your staff members, yourself and your family (if you already have one or you are thinking of starting one). Reno is a location and has enough land and suitable housing available to meet your needs.

Looking to make the move sooner than later? Miller Industrial Properties are experts on Industrial property in Reno.

Proximity to Airports

The chances are that as a CEO of a tech company, you will be traveling quite a bit, and as you grow you may possibly need to hire talent from out of the area. Depending on your size, you may have clients that need to visit from out of town. For these reasons, you need to be in a location that is not far from an airport. Reno is an ideal and convenient location with access to an international airport – the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, which allows quick access for you, your clients and your growing staff.

Scenic Locations

Sometimes after the grind of work, you wish to relax, or you may want to go on a relaxing trip with your family without traveling too far from home. It's best to choose a place with fun things to see and do in your spare time. Reno has numerous scenic spots and is not far from other exciting tourist locations, including well-known and majestic Lake Tahoe or even a day trip to San Francisco.

Reno is an ideal location to experience not only the 'wild wild west' but a diverse art scene and growing artisan food and craft beer mecca.

Community Impact

How a business grows will depend on the nature of the community it is in. Is the community you are in supportive of your solutions? Are there other businesses that might have an impact on your business? These are critical issues to consider. Reno has a thriving community that is forward-looking, forwar-thinking and quite receptive to technology - welcoming large companies such as Amazon, Tesla and more.

Suppose you are considering relocating to Reno and wish to make your tech company relocation to Reno easy and seamless. In that case, Miller Industrial Properties is the right firm to talk to. Miller Industrial Properties are experts on Industrial properties in Reno, Nevada and has assisted with corporate relocation for many manufacturers and distributors, including related industrial leases, build-to-suits, office leases, land sales, and building sales.

When looking to relocate your business, Reno is an optimal choice for tax incentives, growth opportunities, community and outdoor adventures.

With a partner like Miller Industrial Properties, you will be able to make the right move, into your ideal location.

Welcome to Reno.

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