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The True Cost of Warehouse Space: Cost per Square Foot vs Cost per Cubic Foot

Post by Guest Writer: Bill Jacobson, Indoff

As a business owner, have you ever considered the difference between cost per square foot and cost per cubic foot and which is more expensive? The simple answer is that whatever space you are not utilizing for revenue generating activity is the most expensive.

Most warehouses and distribution centers are leased on a per square foot basis. However, getting your money's worth out of your square footage means taking advantage of every cubic foot of space. These innovative solutions allow businesses to take advantage of unused cubic space in their facilities, space that is often overlooked or underutilized in traditional storage methods.

High-density racking systems are designed to consolidate storage by stacking materials vertically, instead of horizontally. This type of system not only maximizes floor space but also offers other benefits such as improved organization and accessibility to stored items. High-density storage can be customized to meet specific needs and offers a variety of options such as push back, drive-in and pallet flow systems.

Mezzanines, on the other hand, provide an additional level of storage space above the ground floor, effectively doubling the storage floor area without the need for expansion. These structures are customizable and can be designed to fit a variety of applications, including offices, break rooms and more.

When combined, high-density racking systems and mezzanines offer a complete storage solution that maximizes the vertical space in your facility, resulting in more efficient operations, higher productivity and increased profitability.

But it's not just about storage capacity. Both high-density racking systems and mezzanines offer additional benefits that can improve overall business operations. These systems can optimize workflows and increase productivity by reducing the need for unnecessary travel time and increasing accessibility to stored items.

If you're looking to improve your storage capacity and take advantage of your unused space, Bill Jacobson at Indoff, Inc. can help.

About Bill Jacobson

I have been involved with materials handling for almost 25 years. I got my start at a local forklift and material handling house in the mid 1990's and have long been regarded as an "out of the box" creative thinker when it comes to material handling problems and solutions.

Finding ways to reduce operating costs either by reduction of labor, reduction of required square footage, reduction of inventory shrinkage or creating efficiencies have provided my clients with the most rewarding ROI projects.

If you have a problem that needs to be fixed or are just looking for someone to bounce an idea off, I'm more than happy to listen. Give me a call or drop me an email. Consultations are always free. You never know what you might gain from just a phone call. (775) 857-3003

Indoff Material Handling provides hundreds of product options for Storage and Handling Equipment, Engineered Systems, Industrial Trucks, and Bulk Material Handling Equipment. Our experienced team of Indoff MH Sales Representatives have years of experience within the industry and bring an unmatched expertise to any project imaginable.

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