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Third Party Warehousing: Here is the New Trend & Why You Need to Know About It

If you run a business in Reno, Nevada that deals in products, chances are that you would have needed a warehouse for your products at some point. Even if you don’t need it now, you are going to need it later.

Getting an industrial property for lease can be stressful especially if you are new, or a small company. If you don’t have any firm with local presence in the area to help you find a good warehouse, you might not get an available warehouse in your desired location or your preferred choices of warehouses might be too expensive. In both cases it can be a pain for you to get a place to store your goods,

Also, if you have an industrial property in Reno that you have to pay a long term lease on, even though your business is not big enough for your products to fill it to capacity, it can be a pain to bleed out such operational costs on something you are unable to use to its full capacity.

Warehouse in Reno, Nevada

Benefits of Third Party Warehousing

If your business falls in any of the categories above, what you need is third party warehousing. Third party warehousing allows two or more companies to share one warehouse. The following are the benefits of third-party warehousing:

Reduction in Rent

If your firm has an existing warehouse with a lot of unused space and you need to manage it productively, you can share some space with some new businesses, which will reduce the lease you have to pay on the property, and in turn your operating costs

It gives your Business an access to area expertise

If your firm is still small or new in the Reno area, then you will benefit from sharing a warehouse with a company or even companies that are already fully operational and familiar with the surrounding area. Apart from the access you have to the excess warehouse space, you also enjoy the company’s access to related services and area expertise However you need a firm who can help you find the right deal.

Low Logistics cost and Low rent for Large Space

Also third party warehousing allows the two or more companies sharing the warehouse to coordinate their inbound/outbound freight together, which allows all the parties to save logistics costs.

Also, since the existing company already has a long-term lease in place, new companies who join the shared warehousing deal pay a reduced percentage of the original lease on a far larger space.

Contacting a Warehouse Logistics Service Provider in Reno

If you are interested in this kind of arrangement in the Reno, Nevada area, you need Warehouse Logistics Service Providers to help you. They will connect you with businesses that seek another business to share their warehouse with them.

However, if you are a firm looking for a warehouse logistics service provider, it must be a firm that is familiar with industrial real estate in the Reno area. The go-to firm for that kind of work Miller Industrial Properties

Miller Industrial Properties is a company in the Reno area that can assist you in selecting a contract warehouse logistics service provider. They typically manage numerous accounts within their warehouses and provide complete fulfillment services including kitting, pick and pack, pallet racking and many other supply chain services. They can tailor these services to suit your company’s specific needs.

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