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6 Reasons to Expand Your Business to Northern Nevada

When it comes to Western expansion, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could determine your firm’s potential operating costs before spending any time or money investigating such a move?

Good news. You can.

With detailed reports prepared at no cost from Miller Industrial Properties, you’ll see exactly how operating in northern Nevada would effect your business. In addition to facts about the region and its industrial real estate market, our reports includes major tenants moving in and expanding from other markets, plus details about transportation, market access and tax climate, current lease rates, current labor and workman’s compensations, and estimates on both taxes and utilities.

As a boutique industrial real estate firm in northern Nevada, we hear regularly from managers and owners considering a West Coast location. It’s easy to see why. Northern Nevada has earned its reputation as business-friendly environment with a skilled workforce, strategic location and no shortage of industrial properties.

Publications such as Forbes and Money consistently rank Nevada among those with the nation’s best overall business climates.

Six Reasons to Expand to Northern Nevada

  1. Outstanding tax climate without corporate or personal income tax, franchise tax or unitary tax

  2. Minimal employer payroll tax – 0.63% of gross wages with deductions for employer paid health insurance

  3. Competitive utility rates for commercial businesses

  4. Low start-up costs, regulatory fees, licensing and annual fees

  5. Close proximity to West Coast markets, plus reduced shipping/storage costs

  6. Competitive air cargo costs for air shipping

Sound interesting? The next step is determining how your business will fare specifically. The information we provide in our free reports makes investigating the feasibility of a West Coast expansion simple. The best decisions begin with accurate information, and our free reports make that plentiful.

If you’re ready to explore your options on the West Coast and particularly in northern Nevada, start here. Get your FREE West Coast Operating Costs Estimate and Northern Nevada Relocation Guide today.

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