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Aramark Uniforms works with Brad Lancaster for Renewal of Sparks Location Lease

Aramark Uniforms, a national based firm with locations in all 50 States, worked with Brad Lancaster of Miller Industrial Properties in the renewal negotiation of their Sparks, Nevada location at 655 Spice Island Drive.

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Brad Lancaster - Miller Industrial Properties

Brad Lancaster, Vice President

Career Summary Brad has been working full time in the commercial real estate business since June of 2007 and joined the Miller Industrial team in April of 2009 to focus exclusively on the Industrial segment of the Commercial Real Estate industry and assist the firm with it’s aggressive growth strategy. Brad is consistently providing excellent client services, benchmark market knowledge, and highly effective guidance to support Investors, Tenants, Buyers, Landlords, Sellers, and Developers in reaching their business goals.

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Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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