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Attention Landlords! Is your Real Estate Marketing Working?

It’s a critical question for the landlord of industrial real estate property. Are your marketing efforts working, and how do you know? What’s your definition of “working” and how is it measurable? In today’s world, effective industrial real estate marketing is largely measured by how accessible your properties are on mobile devices and computers. Statistics show that data on your properties is accessed directly by the end user more and more. That means that at least initially, there is less and less reliance on real estate agents and more reliance on direct Internet access to collect early data. With that in mind, we can logically define “working” by measuring your property’s performance in terms of its online visibility. Let’s break that down a little further.

  1. Visibility

It doesn’t make any difference how wonderful your property is if no one ever finds it online. Search engine visibility is absolutely critical. When a potential tenant searches online for a property like yours, it needs to show up.

  1. Placement

Not only does your property need to be visible, it needs to be as high as possible on the first page. Website searchers are impatient and busy – if your listing is at the very top on the second page, your chance of being found have dropped and it can be dramatic.

  1. Pay Off

Let’s assume your property listing ranks well and you get a click through. Once a visitor is on that page, it needs to immediately pay off on the implicit promise it made when it showed up in the search engine listings. Is it easy to navigate? Does it present all the necessary information in a manner that is easy to scan? Does it include useful images and printables? Is there a quick way to contact you or your agent directly?

  1. Take the Test

It’s easy to put your properties to the test. Clear your cookies first, or ask a friend to search logical parameters for your listing. See where your properties rank. If you’re not happy with the results and you don’t have time to devote to SEO, blogging and promoting your listings yourself, find someone who can do it for you. Established websites like already have a rapport with Google, and they devote time and money to staying highly visible. If you’re a landlord with vacant properties, take advantage of this – get your properties listed where people will find them.

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