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Before You Buy or Lease Industrial Real Estate, Do This First

Once a company has decided that expanding or relocating is the smartest next step, things tend to happen quickly. The smartest first step, however, isn’t checking out options in the local market, or even finding an

experienced agent to manage the process. Instead, the best way to cover all of your bases in the easiest way is to spend some time looking online for free, no-obligation offers from those same agents. Here’s why.

Take Advantage of Free Resources

Knowledge is power, and empowered companies are in a position to enjoy the most success. There are industrial real estate brokerages that recognize this, and so they make available a variety of free resources. Miller Industrial Properties has no fewer than nine free reports and offers for this very purpose. They are designed to provide specific, customized information relevant to  your property needs, educate you about the lease or purchase process, or share facts and information about the industrial real estate market here in northern Nevada. Again, this is free information that puts anyone who uses it at a significant advantage. Our resources include:

  1. Our free property recap, which produces a detailed report outlining potentially suitable properties in your area. It includes specifics like the property type and location, base rent, square footage, NNN feeds, eave heights, column space, expansion potential, electrical capacity, docks and fire sprinkler capacities, as well as notes and photos.

  2. A report about the six fatal errors most buyers make in the warehouse lease process – and what you can do to avoid them.

  3. Useful tips for navigating the leasing or buying process to streamline and facilitate the acquisition.

  4. And many more, all available on our Resources page, in addition to northern Nevada market reports and other useful information.

There is no cost for any of this information, and it will very quickly make you a better industrial real estate lessee or buyer. Educate yourself first, and you’ll save time and money as you begin the process of seeing what your market has to offer. Before you make any decisions about who you want to work with, spend some time familiarizing yourself with what they have to offer. It speaks volumes.

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