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Building to Suit in Northern Nevada? Read This First.


With a rebounding economy comes a shortage of locations for new business. It makes sense then, for businesses to consider the wisdom and value of building to suit. We discussed the value of a design-build manager in a previous post, and now we’ve created a download intended to educate those investigating build-to-suit projects.

Our four-page download outlines traditional, aggressive and strategic approaches to building to suit. We also take a look at the differences between the design-build process and architectural design covers quality, singular responsibility, cost savings, reduced administrative burden, early knowledge of construction costs and improved risk management.

You’ll also learn the single biggest drawback to the design-build process, and how it might be avoided.

Download our free guide, Build to Suit: Strategies for Success, for an experienced insider’s perspective on build-to-suit projects now. It could save you valuable time, money and frustration as you move forward with building to suit.

Questions? We’re happy to chat with you about your project.

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