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Carole Brill on Forecasting Commercial Real Estate Markets – It’s All in the Numbers

Today’s guest blog post is written by Carole Brill, vice president of Miller Industrial Properties. Visit her website at or contact her directly at

Whether you are a tenant, an owner or a property investor, analyzing and forecasting commercial real estate markets is critical to your business.

  1. As a tenant, it’s important to be mindful of pricing/sf rents in your area. Your lease rate can greatly assist or hinder your bottom line.

  2. As an owner, values are determined by rents negotiated, plus comparable sales and replacement values.As an investor, the returns and values of your property are your business and the data you use will impact your decisions moving forward.

Data is the qualitative and quantitative intelligence that helps real estate investment professionals determine what to do, and just as important, what not to do. It helps in staying ahead of the market trends, spurring one to act quickly and decisively. The capital markets have dedicated staff members and tertiary companies on the payroll to watch the markets, hourly, daily, ensuring that the latest numbers are at their fingertips. In any market, the data can be bought, but it really is not the same as having your finger on the pulse. In the world of industrial real estate, experienced tenants, owners and investors manage this with the services of a business that does exactly that. I am referring to your brokerage, a business whose sole interest is in representing you in your existing and future property decisions.

As a client looking into the northern Nevada region to lease, purchase or invest, the wisest course of action is to find an agent capable of producing his or her own data. This means that you:

  1. Get the whole picture – an interpretative analysis of market and investment conditions historically and forecasts.

  2. Get the whole package – the benefit of working with someone who can assist you with risk management, property asset management and portfolio management with accurate analytic applications.

  3. Work with expertise – an agent with contacts in the area as well as other brokers and vendors to take your project form beginning to operating while delivering tailored ongoing analysis of your investment.

  4. Manage risk – with the added security of someone who looks at the trends on a global scale and keeps you abreast of potential occurrences that may affect your property, both good and bad.

Learn more about the benefits an experienced industrial real estate agent can offer you. I welcome your questions and will support your requirements, with accurate current data to substantiate the decision.

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