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Carole Brill Shares the Personal Benefits of a Business Expansion or Relocation to Reno, Nevada

I’m a specialist in the industrial real estate field here in northern Nevada. That means the majority of my days are spent focusing on details such as warehouse ceiling heights, column spacing, dock doors, sale or lease pricing, build to suit land locations and other specifics. My clients certainly appreciate it, as it ensures their move or expansion into the new manufacturing or distribution premises is carefully considered from every angle. Beyond this detail-oriented work is another facet of my business – I routinely field enquiries from businesses around the country about expanding or relocating into the great state of Nevada. I received a call from a managing director based in Chicago the other day and after we discussed business requirements and I began to wrap up the call, he mentioned his upcoming move to the area. The conversation was renewed, focusing on Reno as both a home and a business location. We hung up two hours later, having evaluated the region far more than the business criteria.

With that conversation in mind, and many others like it, allow me to share a bit about Reno, Nevada:

  1. Our state’s name is Spanish for “snow-capped” and it bears the nickname of the “Silver State.”

  2. The geographical location ensures four very distinct seasons and with them no shortage of activities to enjoy. It’s true that we haven’t had much snow this year, but there are 17 top-notch ski resorts within a two-hour drive of Reno nonetheless – close enough to produce Olympic gold medal winner David Wise. Snowmobiling, cross country skiing and just plain old building a snowman in the park makes the winters fun and easy.

  3. We enjoy an average of over 300 days of blue skies every year in northern Nevada. Spring is magnificent; downtown starts to come alive with wine walks and outside eating on the Truckee River. ATVs and motocross bikes get dusted off and taken out to Peavine mountain for day-long rides, and the 19 golf courses within a 25-mile radius of the city start to buzz with swinging clubs. Summer brings boating and camping at one of the 22 lakes within a three-hour drive of the center of town.

  4. Within an hour of leaving Reno, the scenery changes to pine trees and rivers in the Sierra Nevadas and having Lake Tahoe within a 40-minute drive is a natural luxury we residents tend to take for granted. It really is a wonder of the world, most recently touted as one of the 25 most surreal places in America.

  5. For families, raising a child in the area is a pleasure. The crime rate is low and the school system is doing a really good job with our future leaders.

  6. From a child’s perspective Reno is a playground all year round. From throwing a fishing rod into the river at any number of locations to the many annual events – hot air balloon races, the Reno Rodeo, the Air Races – to old favorites like pony rides and just enjoying the beautiful outdoors, Reno offers a fantastic start for any young family.

  7. And then there’s the University of Nevada – I think it’s one of the best-kept secrets in the nation. It has modern, accessible facilities, a beautifully designed campus, degrees in a number of versatile and technologically advanced fields, and it ranks as a top public research universities. What’s more, it’s an affordable campus with class A facilities. At this moment, the speech and debate team is ranked second in the country and we are very proud of recent graduate and Wolf Pack alum Colin Kaepernick.

Looking through this list makes me proud to live in northern Nevada and reaffirms my commitment to spreading the good word about our corner of the world. Whilst I am analyzing the cost of business, ensuring contracts are in place and working to make my client’s move or expansion a rousing success, I will also ensure that they are equally aware of the region as well. I will make sure that spouses are also informed of all the benefits of living here and their families are as well looked after as my clients themselves. Reno really is “The Biggest Little City in the World” and I will be happy to show you why. Contact me at today.

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