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Do we really need another blog?

Do we really need another Blog ? Well, given the lack of information regarding industrial and commercial real esate in Northern Nevada, my answer is yes.

They say there are lots of folks ‘out there’, who would enjoy reading an unbiased, current, personalized comments on the industrial real estate market in Northern Nevada. Notwithstanding my lack of writing skills, I feel I can do this adequately. You however, will be the judge of that.

My name is Tom Miller and I have been in the business of relocating businesses into the Northern Nevada area since 1976. I was a commercial builder here through 1991, being involved with building many projects around Northern Nevada that many of the locals would know; casino expansions such as the Peppermill and the Atlantis, the Harrah’s Auto Collection facility, St. Mary’s office tower and parking structure and many dozens of industrial buildings for manufacturers and distributors. Before I moved to Reno, I worked for a nationally based general contractor building downtown high rise projects in New York, Philadelphia, Houston and other spots.

My background in heavy commercial construction gives me a special advantage in the real estate business as we specialize in the industrial market and especially in Build To Suit projects.

My focus in this Blog medium will be to introduce timely material that is relevant to the industrial real estate market for the area. I will be sharing both specifically detailed information as well as more global trends for the area, in the attempt to share my market knowledge, my perceptions and my guesses as to where things may be headed and why for our industrial real estate market.

My commitment to my readers is to update the Blog as much as time allows, so please check back………it will be very lonely if no one reads this stuff.               

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