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Everything an Industrial Tenant Needs to Know

No matter how you slice it, a leased property is one of the largest fixed costs for any commercial or industrial real estate tenant. And yet all too often, these tenants find themselves too preoccupied to keep a close eye on this expense and certainly too busy to be actively looking for a better deal.

That’s where a strong understanding of the specifics of your industrial lease and the lease process is a valuable asset. And it’s where partnering with a qualified, experienced agent is even more valuable. We’re happy to help you with both.

First, visit our newest page on the Miller Industrial Properties’ website. Our Tips & Tricks for Industrial Tenants page is a veritable treasure trove of information specifically written for industrial and commercial tenants. We go into detail on a number of relevant topics, including:

  1. A review of the triple net lease – what it is and who pays those costs

  2. Tips for negotiating the warehouse tenant improvement allowance

  3. Tips for becoming a smarter tenant

  4. How to successfully navigate the industrial lease process

  5. What NOT to do during an industrial real estate tour

  6. Tools every warehousing tenant should be using

  7. Why DIY is a bad idea when it comes to leasing industrial property

  8. Commercial property Q&A – the real difference between leasing and renting

  9. How to determine the appropriate lease length for your commercial or industrial property

We also share straightforward answers to specific questions, including:

  1. Does using an agent raise my lease rates?

  2. Do I really need an agent for a simple lease renewal?

  3. Should I lease or buy my industrial or commercial property?

Knowledge is power, and this information is incredibly useful to industrial and commercial tenants. After you’ve reviewed this information, we invite you to take advantage of our second offering. Partnering with an experienced agent gives you professional eyes and ears in the market. You keep an eye on your business, and we’ll keep an eye on the industrial market – if there’s a better fit for you, we can find it.

Let us prove it. We’ll prepare a free, customized report of all properties matching your needs in northern Nevada. Let’s see how your current lease compares.


Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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