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Expanding or Relocating a Business? Start Here.

After deciding it’s a good time to expand or relocate a business, there are a few steps that should be taken to improve the chances of success. Partnering with an experienced agent who has a track record in similar transactions is one of them. But before you reach for the phone to make a call, get online. Because the best way to get an immediate understanding of your options in the local market is by taking advantage of available resources. Here’s what to look for.

Free Resources

Experienced industrial real estate brokerages understand the value in offering valuable information at no charge to prospective clients. Miller Industrial Properties offers nine separate reports that are designed to provide customized information specific to your needs. Are you researching the feasibility of expanding to northern Nevada? Looking for education on the specifics of the lease or purchase process? Exploring the differences in warehouses? We have free guides and reports for all of this, and more.

  1. Property Recap – A detailed report outlining potentially suitable properties in your area, and including information such as property type and location, square footage, base rent, NNN feeds, column space, eave heights, expansion potential, electrical capacity, docks and fire sprinkler capacities, plus notes and photos.

  2. 13-Step Lease Process Guide – A comprehensive look at the lease process, complete with expert tips and professional guidance to help you streamline the process.

  3. Property Tour Guidelines – Learn about the mistakes almost every industrial client makes during property tours, and what you should do instead.

  4. Six Fatal Errors in the Leasing Process – Discover the six fatal errors clients make during the industrial lease process that cost their companies time and money.

  5. Ready to Relocate? – A free guide about why expanding to northern Nevada could be the best business move you can make.

  6. Build to Suit – Strategies for success if you’re planning to build your own project.

  7. Warehouse Guide – Avoid overpaying for more than you need!

  8. West Coast Operating Costs Estimate – A detailed estimate of what your business could save in operating costs.

  9. West Cost Freight Savings Estimate – A detailed estimate of what your business could save shipping to West Coast customers from northern Nevada.

There is no downside to educating yourself, and accurate information will make you a better industrial real estate lessee or buyer. Cover the most ground in the fastest amount of time by taking advantage of this kind of free information. It will save you time and money, and you’ll have a better understanding of what’s available. Then you’re in abetter position to begin thinking about the right agent with whom to partner.

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