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Five Reasons to Hire an Industrial Real Estate Agent

If you are starting a new business or expanding your current one, you may have begun the search of finding

industrial property in the Reno/Sparks market. And while it may seem that driving around in your desired area or browsing online listings isn’t so hard, don’t make the mistake of assuming that you can DIY the entire process. Before you dive in all the way on your industrial real estate search, here are five reasons to hire an industrial real estate agent first.

Industrial Real Estate is Their Specialty

When you are searching for a facility for your business, you’ll need to keep in mind the impact the facility will have on your productivity. Clear height? Docks vs. drive-ins? These are things you will need to consider, among many others, and a seasoned industrial real estate agent specializes in just that – industrial real estate. In addition to knowing the properties themselves – often inside and out – an experienced industrial agent understands the subtleties and intricacies of every aspect of this industry. Just as you’d hire a lawyer to help you navigate the legal world, an industrial agent is here to help you find the best possible outcome in your lease or purchase.

You’ll Benefit from their Industry Connections

Let’s say you and your agent have found the perfect space but you need racking, a new perimeter fence or upgraded power to make it work. Where would you turn? If you were handling this process solo, you’d be hard pressed to get this handled quickly and at a fair price. The right agent, however, will have excellent industry connections and know the right people to turn to for these kinds of upgrades. What might be an exercise in research for you may be as simple as reaching out to an industry connection for your agent.

It’s Far More Efficient

Using an industrial real estate agent for your property search is the most efficient way to find property. We know the market. We know what is available and what will be coming available soon, including the properties that aren’t showing up during those online searches. Like using an agent with industry connections, using an agent who knows the market is the best way to save time and hassle. Instead of wasting time driving up and down neighborhoods or looking online, you’ll be presented with all of the properties that meet your needs and wants – and in a much faster timeframe, too.

It Will Save You Money

When you find a property online or call on a sign outside of a building, you are calling the owner’s representative. Just like the role of your agent is to represent your interests, the job of the agent on the sign is to get the best deal (i.e. the most rent) for the owner of the property. And they’ll go to great efforts to do just that. Having an industrial agent representing your needs levels the playing field. These kinds of negotiations are commonplace for industrial agents – they’re literally part of the job. An industrial real estate agent will most likely get you a much better deal than you can negotiate yourself. Who doesn’t see the benefit in that?

It Doesn’t Cost You Anything

Being represented as a tenant by an agent will almost never cost you. A tenant rep agent is paid by the landlord and is almost always factored in as a cost of doing business for them.

Here’s the takeaway – while it’s technically possible that you can find and successfully negotiate your own industrial real estate lease, you’ll save time and money partnering with an experienced industrial real estate agent first.

If you are searching for industrial property in Reno/Sparks and would like the security that comes with being represented by an experienced agency, contact Miller Industrial Properties today.

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