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From Marketing Manager to Industrial Real Estate Agent

As the marketing manager of Miller Industrial Properties in Reno, Beki Dobson develops, implements and distributes all marketing efforts for the firm’s commercial and industrial properties, in addition to managing its vast database of inventory and filling vacancies and renewing leases on the property management side. Now, she’s rounding out her duties as MIP’s newest industrial real estate agent.

Agent Experience

“I have been in commercial real estate for the last fifteen years,” says Beki, ” but my prior experience was retail real estate in Orange County and Las Vegas. When I moved back to Reno five years ago, I met Tom Miller and he offered me a marketing position at Miller Industrial Properties. My first exposure to industrial real estate was marketing properties that I knew very little about and being thrown into tracking market activity for a very hot market.”

With her license in California since 2010, it was only a matter of time before Beki pursued her Nevada license. “It was a pretty natural progression,” she says. “I’ve been very fortunate for the opportunity to work under Tom and have the chance to learn so much about the Reno market and industrial real estate from behind the scenes, but I also really love people and getting my license gives me the opportunity to get out of my office and show properties and interact with clients.”

Experience & Advocacy

Beki offers a unique perspective to her work as an agent. “I think the biggest strength that I bring is actually to my clients,” she explains. “I don’t see myself so much as a salesperson, but more as an advocate or liaison to help them through the process. To me, sometimes industrial real estate can be slightly harsh and intimidating and I believe that I offer a refreshing alternative when looking for representation. For MIP, that means being an agency that is versatile in the clients we serve.”

Another asset? Beki grew up here in northern Nevada. “I’m happy to be a part of the growth that we are seeing in our region with the tech companies coming in and the expansions to the University,” she says. “I’m a mom to three boys and my husband and I are excited to see a Reno that will provide them with so much opportunity.”

If you’re considering buying, selling or leasing industrial real estate here in northern Nevada, call Beki Dobson at Miller Industrial Properties for thorough, experienced representation.

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