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How Data & Experience Set Industrial Agents Apart

The process of buying and leasing industrial real estate here in northern Nevada, or anywhere, is complex. That’s true for anyone, although those with years of experience have a natural leg up on the rest. In this landlord-favored market of northern Nevada, there are additional challenges – limited properties, high rents, long lease terms, few landlord or seller concessions, an excess of buyers, and more – that mean finding a good agent is critical. Here’s how data and experience set industrial agents apart.

A Word about Industrial Real Estate Data

Current and accurate data is how an experienced agent can predict how a particular transaction is likely to play out. By comparing a given property to similar properties recently trading in the marketplace, your agent can save a lot of time and frustration – assuming he or she is starting with the right information.

At Miller Industrial Properties, we understand the importance of current, complete market data. We devote time and resources maintaining our own data, and we compile it every quarter. Then, we make this information available in our free Market Advisor, a report that outlines all transactions in the market, with forecasting, trending, and more.

Finding an Experienced Agent

When you find that you’re in need of a qualified, experienced industrial real estate agent, asking about current market conditions is a good place to start. Answers should be specific and data driven. Here’s what else you want to know.

  1. How and why they specializelandlord representation, specific building types and classes, etc.

  2. Specific experience in transactions like yours – with a track record of success.

  3. Capacity – will you be a priority, or one of many clients? Ask about marketing strategies to get an idea of how much attention you might expect.

  4. Resources – Local firms may operate on more limited platforms, but the same is often true of local franchises, too.

  5. Professional memberships – Designations such as CCIM (certified commercial investment member) indicate a certain level of education and experience.

If you’re in need of industrial real estate in northern Nevada, we invite you to contact us so that we might show you how the right data and the right experience will make all the difference in your transaction.


Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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