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How Effective is your Industrial Real Estate Marketing? Take our Test

When all is said and done, it’s straightforward enough to judge the effectiveness of a given industrial real estate marketing effort – either a lease or sale was made to your satisfaction, or it wasn’t. But you’re far better served to measure your satisfaction during the process than afterward so you can make necessary adjustments to ensure a positive outcome. Here’s how to determine whether the industrial real estate marketing made on your behalf is up to par.


1. How available is my agent?

Perhaps this seems picky, but be very clear. If a company is ready to lease or buy a building, your agent must be immediately available. Test this by calling your agent first thing Monday morning and at five o’clock on aFriday. In both instances, your call should be answered – and not by voicemail. During off-hours, your agent should still be reachable on his mobile, with a prompt call-back if he isn’t immediately available. The practical reason for such immediacy is this – in many cases, industrial real estate buyers and tenants investigate potential sites after or before normal business hours. That means your agent must be ready and willing to do the same.

2. What’s my online visibility?

Getting your property in front of prospective tenants is much, much easier if your online visibility is high. Test this by searching for your property and seeing where it ranks. In an ideal scenario, it’s being featured on your agency’s website, shared on relevant social media platforms and shared with prospective buyers or tenants in targeted mailings. Take note of which websites are appearing first – is there a reason you aren’t listing with one of those high-ranking agencies instead?

Just because you’re currently working with a given agency is no reason to stay the course if there are warning signs already. If you’ve tested the effectiveness of your industrial real estate’s current marketing program and found it lacking, see how Miller Industrial Properties has a different approach to tenant representation.

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