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How is Technology an Advantage for Industrial Real Estate Agencies?

Industrial real estate firms have come a long way from sticking a sign in the window and photocopying a few hundred fliers. The market has changed, and the most successful of the real estate firms have obviously adapted to keep up. But there’s a distinction between being dragged into the technology age and embracing it. Here’s how to differentiate between the industrial real estate firms that use technology for the benefit of their clients, and the ones that use it just because it’s expected.

1.      The Website

A website is a downright necessity these days. People are, or are quickly becoming, proficient at locating everything they want or need instantly online. That makes them particular about the quality of a website. If it’s slow to load, difficult or confusing to navigate, not helpful at answering questions or a turn-off in any number of ways, you risk losing your visitor (and potential prospect or customer). Don’t be fooled by slick, animated sites that are all glitz and no substance. A clean, functional site that is easy to navigate speaks volumes about the agency it represents. Here’s a quick test: if you spend more than 15 seconds trying to locate your property or one that suits your needs, you have the wrong agency. No one else will spend more time looking, either. And don’t be fooled by sites with a few social media icons – Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter, for example – dropped on their homepage. That should be the very tip of the iceberg.

2.      The Use of Professional Video

For the property owner or landlord, video is critical. But sloppy, second-rate video will do more harm than good. An industrial real estate firm that understands the importance and value of professionally shot video is one that understands its target market well. This is not the place to cut corners.

3.      The Use of Useful, Intuitive Apps

Helpful and easy to use apps and features like interactive chat on the website or QR (quick response) codes on videos and real estate signs that link to relevant sales materials satisfy a prospect’s need for immediate answers or assistance. They’re another way of opening and encouraging dialogue with potential clients and making pertinent information easily accessible.

There are many industrial real estate firms, but for the hands-down best service, try to find a firm that uses the techniques above to put your property at the immediate access of the web-savvy tenant or buyer. It’s in your best interest, and that’s the bottom line.

If you’d like to learn more about how Miller Industrial Property uses relevant technology to the best advantage of our clients, call today. We’ll be happy to elaborate on our services.

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