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How to Avoid a Big Mistake in Leasing Industrial Real Estate

I’ve been designing, building, selling and leasing industrial real estate in northern Nevada since 1976. In that time, I’ve heard just about every related question someone could ask. The best one?

“What’s the biggest mistake people make when they lease industrial property?”

Unfailingly, the biggest mistake clients make during the process of leasing industrial property is failing to share every last fact and detail about their needs with their agent. Think about it. Even the most experienced of real estate professionals can only react to what they hear and see – and what they think they know.

If a client is anything less than completely upfront, an agent’s solutions will likewise be off-mark, which is only logical. If your agent doesn’t  know about things like the following, how could he or she be expected to factor for them?

  1. Your expectations for concessions and terms

  2. The timing of occupancy

  3. Your financial status

  4. The intended use of the property

  5. Your actual budget

These are just a few examples of client information that is critical, yet is often be withheld from an agent for any number of reasons. It’s this very information that contributes to a full and complete communication of the client’s needs. Without it, an agent is at a disadvantage – as are you.

Fortunately, this mistake can be avoided. Just group real estate professionals  with doctors, lawyers and accountants – the kinds of   professionals with whom you should always be direct and honest. Be clear regarding your needs, expectations and all aspects of your business’ goals and requirements, and you’ll avoid the biggest mistake in the leasing of industrial real estate.

If you’re in the market for an industrial property in the northern Nevada area, we invite you to contact Miller Industrial Properties directly at 775-828-4665.

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