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Industrial Real Estate Property Search – The Easy Way

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What is it?

Our property recap is a customized report that outlines all available properties in the northern Nevada market matching your requirements. Don’t waste time searching online for properties – we’ll do it for you, and then present the results in an easy to read report that outlines everything you need to know. We’ll detail property type and details, location, base rent, NNN fees and notes, with accompanying photos and other relevant information.

How do you get it?

Just complete this form, and remember – the more information you include regarding your needs, the more useful our report will be. We pride ourselves on completing all property recap reports within 48 hours, and we’ll contact you when it’s ready via your preferred method of communication.

What does it cost?

Our property recap report is free. If you’re considering industrial property in northern Nevada, it’s the smartest way to quickly and painlessly review your options.


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