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Industry-Leading Manufacturer Relocates from San Diego to Reno

With the help of Miller Industrial Properties, Vericom Global Solutions, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of cabling and communications accessories, is relocating its San Diego-based distribution facility to a 43,200-square-foot facility at 1150 Trademark Drive in South Meadows.

“We found northern Nevada to have a more business-friendly climate than that of southern California,” says Wesley S. King, vice president, business operations at Vericom Global Solutions. BThe Reno area specifically peaked our interest because of the concentration of distribution activity and availability of qualified workers.”

Tom Miller of Miller Industrial Properties quickly zeroed into the suitable properties of the area. “The 43,200 square-foot-space at 1150 Trademark was a perfect fit and ready to occupy to accommodate the timing of closing their San Diego facility,” says Miller, president. “The South Meadows submarket has extremely low vacancy at only 1.5%, six times lower than the area vacancy of 9.14%.”

Miller was able to quickly identify appropriate properties. “We found Tom to be extraordinarily professional and particularly knowledgeable about distribution-focused operations,” says King. “Tom inquired and listened for Vericom’s specific requirements then performed an exhaustive search of the area for a list of properties that met those needs. He was accommodating during our trips to review the various properties. After finding a suitable property, Tom even offered suggestions for local business support services, which is most helpful for a business that is new to the area.”

The commencement date for Vericom at their new northern Nevada location is July 1, 2016.

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