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Is it safe to go back in the water?


My last Blog entitled “? Storm Clouds Breaking Up ?” was received like ‘SaniHut sail’ that floated ashore to Tom Hanks character in the motion picture Cast Away. Reports of good news is welcome for sure and we’re getting more every month, it seems.

To add another perspective, I found my old notes from an unwritten blog article dated September, 2008. The theme was that while we are still focusing on the positive, to continue to ignore the economic failings is like ignoring the 1000# gorilla in the living room. I was still searching for any positive signs at the time, gave up and wrote nothing.


 The interesting aspect here is that 8 months later, we DO have lots of positive factors today to point to. Yes, it seems safe in certain areas to go back into the water and we’re seeing it happening  But, wow what  a time we’ve had and there is still more to go through before we’re back to feeling good again.

We’ve had some bitter medicine for sure, but it was medicine none the less. Medicine that will ultimately make us all stronger. We have already learned to embrace the virtue of patience more closely. There is a positive we can all take away from this.

Digressing a bit here and taking a higher altitude look at our situation, it seems like an appropriate time to be open to the fact that in all systems, social, economic or natural there are forces of expansion / contraction, life / death, yin / yang.   

Some consider these forces as opposites and conflicting elements. Yet the continual evolution of any system always ultimately finds all forces present. In order for growth, both forces must be present; this is inevitable.


The photos in this blog have been of the forest fire that kills both the living and the dead within the forest ecology to make way fr a newer, stronger forest to spring up. We’ll all emerge from this with a broader perspective. A more balanced approach to our businesses and our lives.


We had the pedal to the metal for a long time, we got used to the speed, we felt it was normal. Then the motor broke down and we’ve coasted to a near stop. In a short time, we went from high speed growth to a black, somewhat charred way of life. From expansion to contraction. The contraction will seed a new growth pattern.

From that growth, new direction for our survivor businesses and families and ourselves.  And as in nature, our economic and social systems will be better for it in the long run.

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