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Looking for the Right Commercial Property? Here’s How to Find the Right Agent First.

If you’re ready to buy or lease commercial property, you need something else first – the right agent. So how do you find the perfect agent? Ask around for a few referrals, make some phone calls, and then narrow down your options by making sure your agent ticks these three boxes.

Find the Right Agent First
  1. Market Awareness — In the commercial real estate field, simply locating a list of specific properties in a specific size range is fairly straightforward using today’s technology. The right agent, however, knows of properties that aren’t listed on any website because of market awareness. What’s more, the right agent knows which properties listed online are already off the market or have two or three users trying for a lease. You want to use your time wisely in the commercial property search – taking advantage of a savvy agent’s extreme market awareness is the way to do just that. If your agent isn’t helping direct your search into locations you didn’t know about or showing you properties that aren’t “on the map,” find another agent. In depth market awareness takes years to develop; seek out an agent who’s been completing lots of transactions for at least a few years. They have more contacts with the people who matter, and they will help you get to the best terms and prices quickly.

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If you’re looking for an experienced agent for your commercial property transaction, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Learn more about the experience and accolades earned by members of our team or contact us directly today.

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