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Make 'Em Feel Special

This blog entry will be short and sweet.

With the ongoing economic downturn, there is an extreme focus being placed on business efficiencies; how to cut costs, how to do more with less, how to look for new ways to make a buck, etc.. It seems the more we read the more we should be adding our ‘To Do List’, in order to keep our heads above water until the world normalizes again.

I don’t want to add to anyone’s ‘To Do List’, but I do want to give you something to ponder for a few moments and see if it prompts some creative thinking. What if a client of yours had an interaction with you or someone in your business today and came away feeling like they were treated in a way that made them feel special ? In fact very special. How about, so special that they would not consider doing business with your competition no matter what your competition could do to lure them away ?

If that were the case, that means that your client gets far more from you and your business than the services or products you provide. That would have to mean that your client would be satisfied at a deeper level than just getting your product delivered to his docks or the service you provide completed. It would mean that he feels that his relationship with you and with your business is respected, appreciated, and valued very much. Your client would feel that HE / SHE is truly valued; not their purchase order.

So as you take that call this morning, or return that email or greet the client as he walks into your office, how about we make them feel special. Not just try, but actually do it. Make them feel so special that they come away from the interaction feeling that they are dealing with the best place in the world to be doing business.

So, this ended up not quite as short as I expected, but rather than adding anything to our “To Do Lists”, you might just be thinking a bit differently about your business today that could turn out to benefit you significantly, leaving your clients feeling good about it all in the same process. 

And taking a bit of that home with you tonight won’t hurt either.

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