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Miller Industrial Properties Announces New Sales & Marketing Manager

Miller Industrial Properties remains committed to providing its clients with the highest standard of professionalism and service, and new hire Beki Dobson is a perfect example. Beki has over a decade of experience for various firms in the commercial real estate industry, including positions as the leasing and marketing coordinator, property manager, retail brokerage support manager and marketing specialist. In her role as sales and marketing manager at MIP, Beki develops, implements and distributes all marketing for the company’s commercial and industrial properties. She also manages its extensive database of local inventory, and she is responsible for filling vacancies and renewing leases for the company’s property management division.

“Beki has been a fantastic addition to the team,” says Thomas Miller, CCIM and president of MIP. “She is incredibly efficient and knows her stuff. Her experience is very evident in everything she does, and we’re looking forward to her growth here.”

Welcome to the team, Beki!

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