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MIP Assists in Local Expansion of Nation’s Leading Label Company

With the assistance of Miller Industrial Properties, the Nevada branch of Diversified Labeling Solutions, Inc. (DLS), one of the largest independently operated label companies in the country, is expanding in June to a new 34,500 sq ft property at 1135 South Rock Boulevard to accommodate accelerated business growth.

Tom Miller of Miller Industrial Properties originally helped DLS move from Carson City to a 15,000 sf space in the same Reno complex in 2000. A few months ago, in response to DLS’ need for more space, Miller offered them a larger space just a few suites down from the current location and the negotiation process began.

“With Tom’s expert guidance, we were able to relocate to a larger space within the same complex at a very economical rate,” said Jim Kersten, CEO of DLS. “He did an excellent job of being our advocate and was very creative in coming up with a lease plan that benefited all parties.”

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Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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