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MIP Helps Trucking Company Consolidate Three Locations Into One

When one door closes, another opens. And so it went for Devine & Son Trucking Company, an offshoot of

Devine Intermodal as it moved into the space vacated by FedEx (which was itself departing for a new build in Mustang, Nevada). Tom Miller of Miller Industrial Properties was able to negotiate a little over 50,000 square feet of the newly-vacated space on behalf of Devine & Son – and he managed to do it before the space even hit the market.

When Devine & Son began its search to expand the company’s presence in northern Nevada, a colleague introduced him to Tom. Bennie Gamble, VP Nevada of Devine Intermodal, explained the company’s unique needs.

“As a premiere transportation and 3PL provider, we needed acres of parking, sufficient warehouse space and a service shop,” says Gamble. “Before locating our new facility, Devine was spread across five locations in Sparks.”

Tom and the staff at Miller Industrial Properties got right to work.

“Tom had the foresight to identify a property prior to it hitting the market,” says Gamble. “His proactive approach allowed us to secure the property without having to run interference with other potential suitors. The property was never intended to be a true 3PL, but with Tom’s creativity, we were able to develop a game plan that gave us the tenant improvements and lease rates we needed.”

Tom negotiated an 84-month term plus two, with five-year extension options on facility at 1185 S. Rock Boulevard.

“When a business is relocating, expanding or simply has questions, it’s critical your commercial real estate professional is responsive and willing to “talk-out” the scenarios,” says Gamble. “Tom has made himself available 24/7 and he can apply years of hands-on experience to helping you solve your challenges.”


Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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