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NNBW Taps Brad Lancaster of MIP for Article

In a cover story this week, Northern Nevada Business Weekly highlighted Pertici Industries, the Italy-based machine producer that will be doing business state-side from right here in Nevada. Brad Lancaster of Miller Industrial Properties brokered the deal for Pertici, which will be moving into its new home – 5,000 square feet on Capital Court – at the first of the year.

From the article:

“Pertici North America… chose northern Nevada because it offered the right amount of space, a great labor market and will be easy to scale up operations to reach its customer base in 11 western states, said Lancaster.

‘They believe they have the momentum,’ to capture more market share out West with firms that build and sell windows and doors, said Lancaster.

The company manufactures a line of machining centers, saws, end mills, PVC welders and cleaners and will be the only machines of their kind on the West Coast… ‘It’s a modest footprint in terms of the Teslas and Switches of the word, but we love to see absorption of these small-to-medium-sized companies’ in our industrial market, said Lancaster.

‘It’s not going to make the Channel 4 newscast, but these small companies are the backbone of a lot of our growth. It adds to our economic diversity,’ said Lancaster.”

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