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Northern Nevada Industrial Real Estate Market Breakdown – January 2015

At seventy-five million square feet representing about 2,000 locations and their subdivisions, there’s a lot to the northern Nevada industrial real estate market. That’s why we prepared a free snapshot that shows its breakdown. It’s the kind of invaluable information that any warehouse user or investor needs to have to be truly successful, for a very key reason.

The research phase of an industrial real estate transaction is critical. Without a thorough understanding of the market you’re considering, you’re beginning with a serious disadvantage. A snapshot like our free industrial market breakdown is a quick and easy way to get a sizable amount of information that is both relevant and timely. It gives you knowledge of both the market size and space trending. With just a glance, you’ll know which sectors are expanding, what’s in higher demand and where demand is shifting away from other sectors. Regardless of the nature of your industrial real estate transaction – be it buying, selling or leasing – knowing where the action is and(and where it) isn’t is critical data that immediately puts you in a better position of securing the best deal.

Get your free download by visiting our Resources page and clicking the “Quick Facts” link in the second bullet point.

Our free sheet shows market percentages for local Class “A,” “B” and “C” warehouses and flex space, with brief definitions for these industrial space classifications. For a more detailed explanation of warehouse categories and classifications, download our free guide. Understanding what makes a warehouse unique will reduce the likelihood of overbuying or overpaying for a facility with features you don’t need.

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