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Northern Nevada’s Emerging High-Tech Industry – And What it Means for Reno-Sparks

The New York Times recent piece, “Reno Rolls the Dice on High-Tech,” is sharing what locals already knows about northern Nevada’s burgeoning high-tech industry. The many, many reasons that make northern Nevada an appealing market for a variety of big names – Zulily, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon – are increasingly attracting companies on the cutting-edge of technological manufacturing. From drones to sensors that connect devices to the Internet, these high-tech companies are taking full advantage of what it means to operate in Nevada.

We cover these advantages extensively on the northern Nevada pages of our website, but to reiterate, businesses in this state enjoy:

  1. no corporate income tax

  2. no franchise tax

  3. no unitary tax

  4. competitive utility rates

  5. low start-up costs

  6. low regulatory, licensing and annual fees

  7. close proximity to West Coast markets and reduced shipping rates

For nearly a decade, Reno-Sparks has served as a Silicon Valley outpost, though the nation at large may not know it. The recession hit our region particularly hard, and only in the last year or so have we turned the corner – house prices are on the rise again, unemployment is down and prospects are touring our industrial and commercial offerings with renewed interest. For a city that can’t seem to kick its unflattering image as a seedy, second-rate Las Vegas – despite a booming arts culture, revitalized downtown, easy access to excellent outdoor adventure and good quality of life – this is a long-overdue chance to rebrand our home. And everyone is getting in on the act – the University of Nevada is doing what it can to produce skilled workers for specific industries, yet more incentive for high-tech companies to make northern Nevada home. Who would say no to tax benefits, a specially-trained workforce, sprawling spaces and no shortage of opportunity?

Considering Nevada for your expansion or relocation? Contact Miller Industrial Properties, and let us share what makes this market a smart move.

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