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Northern Nevada’s Most Experienced Landlord Representation

Landlords hire industrial real estate firm for one reason, and that’s to fill vacancies. Ideally, this is accomplished in a manner that abides by the company’s core values. And when you partner with

Miller Industrial Properties in Sparks for your northern Nevada facility, that’s not idealistic at all. It’s our goal with every client, and as the longest-running boutique firm in northern Nevada – and the desirable alternative to standard options like national franchised firms and single-man operations – we’re positioned to do just that.

The Benefits of the Boutique Firm

There are many, many advantages to operating as a locally-owned boutique firm, not the least of which is that our decision makers are active and quickly reactive to the fluctuations of the local market. We have no national operating constraints to which we must abide, and that means we can rapidly personalize our services to the individual needs of every client and every property.

Our physical location is a prime example. Our office isn’t in a high rise downtown, nor are we we situated in a boutique shopping center. We operate instead from the Reno-Sparks industrial center, which keeps our finger on the pulse of the local warehousing industry.

We continue to refine our tools and marketing efforts to stay relevant and current, and we’ll use our entire arsenal to market your properties to the right market. This includes:

  1. The ongoing maintenance and refinement of an optimized, responsive website that is designed to rank well for relevant keywords. We also make available valuable downloadable content to draw people to our site. We host our own customer listings instead of third-party listing platforms, separating your properties from the competition. Our online listing pages are comprehensive yet intuitive, featuring printable floor plans, office layouts, descriptions, videos, aerials, specifications and more.

  2. We use remembrance advertising that stands out from the paperwork stacks distributed by average landlord agents, smartphone features like QR codes, and we feature a number of professional videos for those who prefer viewing content to reading it.

If you’re looking for representation for your industrial real estate property, we invite you to join the ranks of companies like General Electric Equities, Dermody Properties, Prologis, Panattoni Development and many others. Let us share exactly how we would represent your facility today.

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Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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