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Ready to Relocate? Here’s Why You Should Consider Northern Nevada

What do companies like Tesla, Switch and Apple have in common? A few things, maybe – they’re all dominant players in their respective industries, they’re each on the forefront of technological advances, they’re companies that the world watches. And all three of them have expanded to northern Nevada. Here’s why.

The short answer is that northern Nevada’s favorable tax climate and strategic location as a distribution point to northern California and all western states makes it ideal for commercial and industrial development. Round that out with a lower cost of living, a lower cost of doing business, a strong work force and educational system, and a lovely quality of life, and suddenly you see why it’s not just Tesla, Switch and Apple moving to town. ITS Logistics, Zulily, Amazon, eBay, Barnes and, 1-800 Flowers, JC Penny, Michelin, Mercedes/Freight Liner, PetCo, Starbucks and many other big names are all tenants in northern Nevada.

Want to know more about northern Nevada? We’ve prepared a handy resource that’s available to you for nothing. Learn quick facts about the region that will have a direct impact on your business, current information about the local industrial real estate market, more about major tenants in the area, transportation details, market access, tax climate and more. Our free handout, “Why Reno-Sparks?” is a useful source of information that you need to have if you’re considering any kind of expansion or relocation. Get your free copy now.

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