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Relocating Your Business? Think Northern Nevada First.

With a new year approaching, you may be thinking about business decisions for 2017 and beyond. If relocation is on your mind, you may be debating the best way to start. May we suggest a free report that makes it quick and easy to determine your firm’s potential operating costs in a desirable West Coast location?

As a boutique industrial real estate firm in northern Nevada, Miller Industrial routinely hears from managers and owners considering a location on the West Coast. Those with experience tend to recognize northern Nevada for what it is – a business-friendly environment with  a skilled workforce, very strategic location and plenty of industrial properties. Forbes and Money consistently rank the Silver State among those boasting the nation’s best overall business climates.

Briefly, Nevada offers:

• An appealing tax climate with no corporate or personal income tax, no franchise tax and no unitary tax • Minimal employer payroll tax • Competitive utility rates for commercial businesses • Low start-up costs, regulatory fees, licensing fees and annual fees • Close proximity to lucrative West Coast markets, plus reduced shipping/storage costs • Competitive air cargo costs for air shipping out of state

If that sounds appropriate for your business needs, the next step is determining how operating here will affect your company specifically. With just a few details, Miller Industrial Properties can begin a speedy process that will produce exactly what you need –  concrete facts and numbers to move you closer to a decision.

The more information about your business metrics you can share, the more comprehensive we can make your final report. Details noted in these reports include what you might expect tot pay in:

•  taxes and utilities •  current lease rates for suitable properties •  labor and worker’s compensation

Information like this is absolutely critical when you begin researching the feasibility of an expansion or relocation to a market like northern Nevada. But here’s the best part. Miller Industrial Properties offers this service completely free of charge. If you’re ready to explore your options on the West Coast, this is a good place to start. Get your FREE West Coast Operating Costs Estimate now.

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