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Searching for a Western Distribution Location? Consider Freight Costs First.

The traditional product fulfillment triangle between the supplier, your warehouse and the customer has evolved in the past decade into a highly complex, fast-moving and ever-changing arena. Even if we exclude the added options of third-party fulfillment and direct shipping from supplier to customer, more traditional warehouse fulfillment remains a complex area to manage within the overall logistical network. It only makes sense to look closely at freight costs and fulfillment times when considering a new or expanded West Coast location.

Our graphic clearly indicates the basic freight options to channel products from supplier to the end users through your facility. The importance of being strategically located is obvious. However, just as important is the availability and redundancy of local resources to support the types of freight needs you have today – and the ones you may have in the future.

Other critical factors include:

  1. The area’s growth

  2. The ability of the local community to support that growth

  3. The perception of the area as a viable location for freight carrier growth

  4. The current availability of warehouse space now

  5. The projected availability of warehouse space in the future

  6. The type of warehouse product available and its suitability for your company’s growth

When our firm receives inquiries from firms considering an expansion or a complete relocation to northern Nevada, this is precisely the kind of information in which they’re interested. To make this process as simple and as useful as possible, Miller Industrial Properties is prepared to bring a full operational costs picture into clear focus. All you need to do is ask for our free estimate.

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