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Should I move or expand my business to the West Coast?


• An outstanding tax climate with no corporate or personal income tax, no franchise tax, no unitary tax • Minimal employer payroll tax – 0.63% of gross wages with deductions for employer paid health insurance • Competitive utility rates for commercial businesses • Low start-up costs, regulatory fees, licensing fees and annual fees • Close proximity to West Coast markets as well as reduced shipping/storage costs • Competitive air cargo costs for air shipping out of state

Miller Industrial Properties - Northern Nevada's Commercial Real Estate

The more information about your business metrics you can share, the more comprehensive your final report. Details that are noted in these reports include:

• What you might expect to pay in taxes and utilities • What you might expect to pay in current lease rates for suitable properties • What you might expect to pay for labor and worker’s compensation

Information like this is invaluable when you begin researching the feasibility of an expansion or relocation to a market like northern Nevada. Even better? Miller Industrial Properties offers this service completely free of charge. If you’re ready to explore your options on the West Coast, this is a good place to start. Get your FREE West Coast Operating Costs Estimate today.


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