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Six Fatal Errors in Warehouse Leasing

Own a business? Ever leased a warehouse? If your company is like many, leasing a warehouse is perfunctory – a function to be handled as quickly and painlessly as possible. Unfortunately, that course of action has numerous pitfalls that translate to costly – and even fatal – business errors. Here’s how to avoid these mistakes – and the expenses that come with them.

The short answer for avoiding fatal errors of warehouse leasing? Don’t DIY. If you wouldn’t represent yourself in court or diagnose your own illness, follow the same line of reasoning to industrial real estate. Are you a trained, experienced professional in the field? No? Don’t put yourself in an environment where you’ll have to deal with trained, experienced professionals, with just Google, a wing and a prayer on your side.

Instead, get someone in your corner. Someone whose job is knowing the ins and outs of the local market. Someone who has the time and commitment to find suitable properties for your needs today, tomorrow and ten years down the road. Someone who has the experience to negotiate the very best rates and terms for your lease. That someone is a professional industrial real estate agent. And just like an attorney or a doctor, this person has the education and the experience to make his advice and guidance worth following.

There are five other fatal errors that too many people make when it comes to leasing industrial space. We’ve prepared a free guide to outline these mistakes, as well as advice on what to do instead. Save time, money and aggravation – download our free guide today.

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