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The Best Way to Find an Industrial Real Estate Agent Remotely

There may come a time when the possibility of expanding or relocating your business to a new state – even a new coast – becomes increasingly attractive. Maybe the market you’re considering is highly business-friendly, with a skilled workforce and a strategic location. You’d be describing a market like

northern Nevada, but no matter which market you’re considering, the guidance of a qualified and local industrial real estate agent would certainly come in handy. Finding that kind of agent while you’re here and he or she is there may seem daunting, which is we’re sharing the best way to find an industrial real estate agent remotely.

Start with an Online Search

Online visibility is an asset for just about anyone, and that’s especially true for industrial real estate firms. To see who is showing up well in your new market, try searching for the keyword phrase “industrial real estate” together with the city, state or region. Take careful note of the results that are served. Are you looking at the local branch of a national franchise, single-man operations, or boutique firms? As you browse sites, take note of the following:

  1. General first impressions

  2. Function and relevance

  3. How easy it is to navigate

  4. Quality of the site content

Have a look at featured listings, make note of whether the firm’s specialty is instantly clear, and if there are free offers available – free reports or guides, for example – consider taking advantage. If there’s a blog, check the frequency and quality of the posts. Strategic business blogging improves a website’s visibility, which ultimately serves any properties being promoted online, so a regularly updated blog is a good sign.

Make Sure Your Interests Will Come First

It’s common for landlords to partner with nationally franchised firms for representation. That means these agencies and the agents working for them have a contractual obligation to advocate for their client – the landlord. For businesses seeking local representation, avoid the firms that solely back landlords. And spend a minute learning why it’s a common misconception that local branches of national franchises automatically provide better service, especially in a market like northern Nevada.

Make a Few Phone Calls

It shouldn’t be challenging to find phone numbers for local agents, so put them to use. It should be easy to reach an agent, and you can use the opportunity to ask specifically questions about the local market and the agent’s experience in your line of work. If you’re planning a scouting trip, schedule a few interviews as well. Either way, any agent worth his salt should be showing signs of interest in working with you, answering your questions in detail, listen closely, and giving specific examples of how he or she has the experience to make your relocation or expansion happen seamlessly.

The goal when you look for an industrial real estate agent remotely isn’t finding any agent – it’s finding the right agent. That may take a little trial and error. Follow the steps outlined here, and you should be able to narrow your options to the most experienced agents in your new market. And if northern Nevada is your destination, we’d be pleased to assist you.

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