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The Boutique Firm vs. National Industrial Real Estate Firms – A Comparison

In the world of industrial real estate, one of the first choices you’ll make is often tied to with whom you should partner. As a local northern Nevada industrial real estate company, Miller Industrial Properties is often asked about the advantages of partnering with a boutique firm like ours instead of a national franchise. It’s a good question.

The Misconception of Big and Small

It’s not unusual for people to assume that going with the local boutique firm means opting for a smaller company. But just because the national company is represented in your area doesn’t mean it has an office full of agents. In some instances, the head count at the boutique is actually higher than what you’ll find in the national franchise. But don’t put too much weight on the size of a given firm as an indication of its experience and performance. To make a decision like that, it’s best to speak directly with the agents in question.

The Benefits of Staying Local

  1. Quick response time – One of the biggest advantages to partnering with a boutique firm like Miller Industrial here in northern Nevada is its ability to move quickly. The national franchise may have a network of offices across multiple markets, but that can sometimes be a hindrance – a mess of red tape and mandatory processes that can actually slow things down.

  2. A local team – Unlike the national firm, which may have its accounting or marketing teams in a market you aren’t considering, the boutique firm has the advantage of an entirely local team. That translates to direct access and faster communication, plus a better grasp on the local market, for all aspects of your real estate transaction. Since these are people who live and work in the market, they also tend to be more in tune, with a solid understanding of the local community and its industrial real estate landscape – another benefit for you.

  3. More attention – When the broker earns a commission, it’s shared with the company. Typically, a national firm takes a bigger piece of that pie because of higher overhead. That means a broker from the national firm earns less per deal than the local agent from the boutique, which is an incentive for the national firm brokers to manage more deals at one time. More deals translates to less individual attention and time on yours, which is less than ideal.

Flexibility, strategic partnerships, and access to experienced agents and accurate data are all reasons to partner with the local agency. Here in northern Nevada, that’s Miller Industrial Properties.

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