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The Numbers Game – Forecasting Industrial Real Estate Markets

Whether you’re a tenant, owner or property investor, one thing remains true – being able to accurately analyst and forecast the market is a huge asset. And data is the key. It’s both qualitative and quantitative, the intelligence that helps real estate professionals decide what to do, and what not to do. But parsing that data isn’t as easy as you might imagine. As a tenant, an owner or an investor in northern Nevada, the wisest course of action is partnering with someone who not only has access to that data, but is generating it.

  1. Tenants must be mindful of pricing and square foot rents. Be clear, lease rates can be a boon or a burden to your bottom line.

  2. Owners must understand that values are determined by negotiated rents, comparable sales and replacement values.

  3. Investors must understand that the returns and values of your property are your business, and that any data you rely upon will impact all decisions going forward.

While we can likely all agree that data helps the savvy stay ahead of market trends, it isn’t enough to simply buy the information. Having your finger on the pulse makes you more capable of moving quickly and decisively. All you need to do is find the brokerage producing the data. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you:

  1. Get the whole picture – an interpretative analysis of market and investment conditions from the past as well as forecasts for the future.

  2. Get the whole package – the benefit of working with someone who has the experience to guide you through risk management, property asset management and portfolio management with accurate analytic applications.

  3. Work with expertise – an agent with local contacts, including other brokers and vendors, to smoothly move your project along while delivering tailored and ongoing analysis of your investment.

  4. Manage risk – with the added security of someone who assesses trends on a global scale and keeps you updated on potential occurrences that may affect your property (both good and bad).

At Miller Industrial Properties, we maintain comprehensive and up-t0-the-minute market data. And we can prove it. If you’re a tenant, an owner, or an investor ready to partner with an experienced brokerage, let us show you how accurate data will make a world of difference for you. Contact us today.

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