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The Real Value of an Exclusive Agent in Industrial Real Estate

While you can probably recognize that it’s important to have an agent exclusively representing your interests when you’re searching for industrial real estate, can you explain why? Simply, because it removes the danger implicit in a shared loyalty between you, the tenant/buyer, and the landlord/seller’s agent. But there’s more.

When you lease a property, the landlord agent will receive the lion’s share of their annual revenue from the landlord – not from you. Therefore, it makes sense to partner with a firm that represents your interests, because that’s exactly what the landlord is doing himself.

That’s what makes the DIY approach to leasing or buying industrial real estate so dangerous. If you stumble across a property that looks like it has potential and you call the agent listed right there on the big “For Sale/Lease” sign, you’re playing with fire. This is the landlords’ agent, the person under contract to act in the landlord’s best interests. You can read more about this very scenario in our post, “The Hidden Trouble with the Landlord’s Real Estate Agent,” but just know that your best interests as a potential tenant do not matter to this agent in any way.

Here in northern Nevada, most of the major landlords are represented by national franchise firms, and their business makes up the lion’s share of revenue for these firms in our market. If you’re a potential tenant looking for a good deal, and you try to negotiate the transaction yourself or use the landlord’s agent to assist you, you should consider this. Between you and your single transaction, and the landlord, who do you think will enjoy more attention and better results from this firm?

If you believe that your transaction deserves as much attention as the big guys, we understand your perspective. We invite you to consider the value of a boutique firm with a proven track record. Then, we hope you’ll contact Miller Industrial Properties.

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